A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Here Be Monsters (or HBM for short) is a serialized adult visual novel set in a world of exploration, conspiracy, and adventure. You play as Alex, a doctor shipwrecked while in search of a cure to a deadly plague. Stranded in a foreign land populated almost entirely by monstergirls, Alex does what any rational human would do: try to screw as many of them as he can! 

We're incredibly excited to present the demo for HBM. The downloads below contain approximately 45 minutes to an hour of content. The game also includes:

  • 1 fully voiced, detailed h-scene featuring a very frisky jaguar girl.
  • A gripping story with strong, well-realized characters.
  • More than a dozen unique CGs.
  • Incredibly expressive sprites with dozens of variations.
  • Beautiful hand drawn backgrounds.

Download demo

HBM Demo - Windows 174 MB
HBM Demo - Mac 157 MB
HBM Demo - Linux 163 MB


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This game has been cancelled.


That's dissapointing… I was really looking forward to this game…

I wish to purchase this game.
itch.io says it is $1, but I can't find a method to purchase it.
The itch desktop app has a "Buy now" button for this game, but it takes me to a 404 error page…

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Well, it has plot! But it's not as important as good looking moster ladies :)


Hohoho a nice demo, the best I have played in a long time.
I can see a shining future for this game, i'll wait for a character evolution and a interesting story.
I can't wait for the alpha/beta of this game >u<

Sorry for my English btw xD

Got any Linux build ?

Hi Dark-Ali, I was out for the holiday weekend and didn't have a chance to put together a Linux build until I got back! Let us know what you think!

i played it and it was good, cant wait for the new content
keep it up :)


Thank you so much!  We're so glad you liked it! We'll be posting weekly progress logs to Patreon so follow us there or on Twitter to keep up to date on news!

i will follow :)